Diabetic Meal Programs

Easy frozen Meals for Diabetics

Our Meals

We have a full menu of meals for diabetics.

 The diabetic meals are complete with a main course and 2 side dishes.

Our chefs have been very creative in creating these meals, and they include meals like Barley and Beef Stew, Basil Chicken with Rice & Zucchini, Cheese Tortellini & Chicken with Peas & carrots, and Chicken Marsala With Rice & Peas & Carrots.

Admit it, you never thought you'd be seeing delicious choices like that on a diabetic menu!

We're excited about the meals our chefs are coming up with, and we have dialysis and pre-dialysis meals, too!

All the meals are low sodium, low sugar and also have strong portion control (the 3 critical components of a good diabetic diet). The meals are based on 1/3 of the daily requirement for the 2000 calorie diet. Show them to your dietitian!

lasagna, plated

Our Story

Our parent company, MagicKitchen.com, has been delivering nutritious, delicious, healthy chef-prepared meals for several years. What we heard over and over from customers was that they had relatives or friends who had diabetes or other health issues, and those people needed a meal service designed specifically for the patient.

That's why we developed Diabetic Meal Programs! Our diabetic food delivery will assist you in maintaining an adequate nutritional intake to meet the needs for your age and your medical condition(s), especially if you are having difficulties preparing your own meals at home.

Enhancing your nutritional health with the help of diabetic meal programs will improve your quality of life!

Good nutrition has been proven to keep adults healthier, stronger and out of hospitals and nursing homes longer. Our Senior Meal Programs enhance your nutritional health by providing you with delicious, diabetic and senior meals delivered right to your door.

Basil chicken, plated

Diabetic Meal Programs

MK Meals, Presented by MagicKitchen.comOur meals are nutritious, delicious and ready in minutes right out of the freezer and into the oven or microwave.

The Diabetic Meal Plans package is a cost effective way to introduce a nutrition program that is diabetic friendly, flexible and convenient.

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Diabetic Meal Programs is here to help! Whether for a short term requirement or for an ongoing meal program, Diabetic Meal Programs can provide great tasting, nutritionally balanced meals that you or your loved ones will enjoy. Try a meal package and decide for yourself! Please note that clicking on 'menu' will take you to the meals on our parent site, MagicKitchen.com.

Customer Testimonial:

I have had time to do a lot of research and have discovered a few things about the company and the meals offered. For Diabetics the Diabetic Meal Plan meals are excellent, especially when one considers the massive amount of information and necessary changes Diabetics need to accomplish and be able to do that in a short period of time.

The Diabetic Friendly meals are not just "Friendly" but very complete as to the actual needs of Diabetics. Low sodium, low fat, low carbs, higher in Protein and the choices enable one to pick and choose things the individual likes and keeps one from becoming bored with meal choices. Thanks for all the work involved, from choices, to shipping and to friendly service.

Jim, Albuquerque

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